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About Living with Art

I Live with Art offers a variety of two and three dimensional artwork by professional, local artists that you can rent or purchase. Renting art provides individuals and businesses an affordable and flexible way to enjoy and experiment with different styles and mediums of art before deciding to invest.


On-Line Art Gallery

This website allows you to browse artworks at your leisure and when it's convenient for you. There will always be something new to see as new works and artists are added to the Gallery.

Free in House Consultations

Sometimes it's difficult to decide which artwork(s) would look best in a particular space. We are happy to help by offering free in-house consultations. Contact Tandi to arrange an appointment.

Local Delivery and Installation

Delivery and installation of artworks is available for a small fee. Contact Tandi for more details and rates.


Call Tandi @ 506-640-0205 or @ilivewithart@gmail.com

Get in touch with Tandi

book an appointment


Our program allows you to rent artwork on a monthly commitment basis for up to 6 months. At the end of the 6-month rental period, you can purchase the work or return it. Should you decide to purchase the piece, up to six months of the rental paid is applied to the sale price.

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Renting art for your business is a unique way to engage your clients, reward your employees, and support your community. For our corporate clients we offer a rental period of 12 months. Delivery and installation services are available for an additional charge. Rental fees are considered a tax-deductible expense.

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What's New

I Live with Art is pleased to welcome artist Patricia Tingley & Murray McFarlane. I always imagined that I would be more disciplined about my art once I retired, that I would produce a lot more work. I retired in 2008 and that hasn’t happened yet because I’ve realized I’m not going to let it become a job. But I still love to sit at my easel when other callings don’t take priority. Patricia Tingley... It’s a curious thing, the need to put pencil to paper, the need to create something that wasn’t there before. Fulfilled and unfulfilled, somehow that urge has stayed with me. It’s a gift to now have time to play with the possibilities, sometimes the overwhelming possibilities of doing just that. Ever since my father showed me how to add shadows to a black outline of a deer, on a page in my colouring book, I’ve been drawn to the magic of creating depth on a two dimensional surface. It did seem like magic then, and it still does, so I continue.

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Recent Works


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Patricia Tingley

It’s a curious thing… the need to put pencil to…


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Alice Whitney Spring puddles slider

Alice Whitney

I was born in that hub of culture and art…


Philip Savage

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Peter Manchester

I am an artist, illustrator and published writer. Sackville has…


Bob Morouney

About the Artist Mary went to sleep and she dreamed…


Mary Kay O’Brien

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Darren Byers

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Rob Roy

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Kathy Hooper

My bio starts a long time ago on a farm…


Sue Hooper

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Fred Harrison

Painter / Sculptor   Fred Harrison has been a full…


Andrew Giffin

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