Alice Whitney

I was born in that hub of culture and art – New York City – but we moved to the country when I was two, so I can’t say I was ever a real New Yorker and have never been someone who loves  city life.  My home, eventually, was in Ithaca, New York, and I attended Cornell University there, graduating with a BFA in 1959.  My husband and I spent the following three years in south-east Virginia, where he was teaching at Hampton Institute.  In 1962 we moved to Toronto where he began advanced graduate work.  By the time we left Toronto in 1977 to move to a small farm in south-west New Brunswick, we had acquired five children, some homemade, some adopted, so you can see how I spent my time!  However, I continued to paint and draw for all those years, and in 1982 was hired to teach art at the Sussex Regional High School which, for the most part, was a very positive experience.  I taught for thirteen years before retiring.  Just as I retired, the Sussex Artists’ Co-Op got going and I have been involved in that wonderful venture ever since.  However, last fall, my husband and I moved to Fredericton which has lessened my participation in that organization somewhat.

 My medium of choice for the last number of years has been chalk pastel, although I still draw and do the occasional water colour.  I really enjoy working with pastel on toned paper.  The first mark I make jumps off the page.  That mark tells me where to make the next, and I’m away!


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