Andrew Giffin


In painting, as in any art form, the concept is the heart and soul of the finished canvas. It is from the idea, or concept, that the artist is able to build an image that will most effectively translate the intended message. Without a concept to draw from, a work can easily fall short of its potential impact. When presented with an opportunity to create works for a commission, artists need to reach down inside themselves and draw from their sensibilities to find the balance between the needs of the client and their own artistic integrity. That is to say that the pieces of art being presented for consideration reflect as much about the artist as they do the client. It is this delicate balance that needs to be achieved in order to have great art as the result.

Andrew was born in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1960. He left the Maritimes in 1981 to study art at the University of Manitoba. Since 1987, he has maintained his own studio, initially in Winnipeg until 2005 and most recently in Roachville, NB.

Andrew’s work has been featured in “The Fly Fish Journal”, the Atlantic Salmon Federation JournalStyle Manitoba, the Winnipeg Free PressUptown Magazine, the New Brunswick Reader and Salon. His paintings are in private and corporate collections across Canada and the United States, Australia and Europe.   


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