Darren Byers


My education of wood began while working in my father’s woodworking shop at the age of sixteen. I uncovered the wonders of working with raw materials and transforming these fragments into a functional piece of furniture. For the past thirty four years I have continued to learn the secrets that lie within the grains of wood and search for the next piece of living history to be used in my next sculpture. I think of sculpture as a puzzle, with its many pieces fitting together to create the story I want to share. Are the hands clinched or relaxed? Is the head tilted or held straight, slightly upward? The ever telling eyes or the curl of a lip, all of these when put together create the whole piece and the potential to relate that story to the viewer. I am a visual problem solver who invites the challenges of working with various materials; this often leads to new and exciting developments that keep me learning as an artist.

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