I Live With Art


 Why rent art?

Our rental program is a great way to explore and live with art. There are many reasons to rent:

  • It’s affordable: for as little as $18.00 a month you can have great local art on your wall
  • For your business or for your home: fine art can help you create a unique and inspired environment
  • Discover something new: Maybe give something different a try! We have a varied selection of art that is always changing so you can try out different mediums and styles.
  • Begin or grow your collection: we offer quality fine art from contemporary New Brunswick artists.
  • Purchase with confidence: art in our collection is selected carefully. It allows you to “live with art” before committing to buy.
  • Keep your space fresh: change your art annually, seasonally, or whenever you are ready for something new
  • Invest in community: renting or purchasing art from us helps support local artists. Good on you! 

How do I rent art?

Renting art is easy.

  • Select the work you like.
  • Contact Tandi with the details
  • Tandi will meet with you to discuss payment options & sign the rental contract
  • Hang it on your wall (or we can do that for you!)

Rental payments are made automatically at the start of each rental period using Visa or MC or cheque, beginning on the day you receive your work. We will provide you with a payment schedule, and a ‘How-to Install’ information sheet. If needed, we can discuss delivery and installation. You may return or purchase a rented work at any time. Just contact us before the next billing date. 

 How often do you show new work?

The pieces in our collection will change often. Whether we are receiving brand new work from artists, or having rental work returned to us, there is usually something new to see at I Live with Art Rental & Sales.

  How long can I rent art?

If you are a residential customer you are not committed for more than one month at a time. You can rent an artwork for a maximum of six months. Business customers must make a minimum three month commitment and can keep work for up to twelve months. Extensions are negotiable.

How much does it cost to rent art??

Monthly rental fees can range from as low as $18.00 up to $150.00, with an average cost of $50.00 per period. Visit our on-line gallery to see a sample of our collection and prices.

Can I rent-to-own?

No. The rental program is not rent-to-own.

The work in our collection is consigned to us by the artist and the rental price of each work is a tiny percentage of the purchase price. This percentage is what helps keep renting art affordable. Instead of rent-to-own, we do offer other purchasing options. Contact us to learn more.

How can I make a purchase?

You can purchase a work directly from our in-house collection, or you can purchase the work that you are renting. Contact us to discuss purchasing options of a work you are interested in owning.

How does the Rental Rebate work?

If you are interested in purchasing a work that you are renting, we offer a rebate of the paid rental up to six months. That means, after you have rented a work for 12 months, you would be entitled to the maximum six month rebate. Although you may continue to the rent the work for more than 12 months, your rebate will never exceed its six month value.

How long is a rental period?

A rental period starts on the day you sign the Art Rental Agreement and runs for one month. If you rent a piece on May 16th, the first rental period will end June 16th.

Do I have to live in Saint John and area in order to rent art?

Ideally, but not necessarily. I Live with Art  relies on a small team of people to run this service so it is easier if clients live within a one hour radius of the greater Saint John area. We are certainly happy to provide this service further afield if we can. Please contact Tandi for more information.

Do you deliver the work, or do I take it with me?

If the work you would like to rent can fit safely in your vehicle, we encourage you to take it with you. We will wrap it and give you a ‘How-to Install’ information sheet. If the work is too big, or you are renting many works, we can deliver and install the work for you for a fee.

*Deliveries are scheduled in advance.

Does the delivery and installation cost include pick-up?

Yes. If we deliver and install your work, the pick-up is included in that charge.

*Deliveries and pick-ups are scheduled well in advance.

How do I return the work I am renting?

Please contact us before your next billing date to let us know when you’ll be returning the work, or to schedule a pick-up. If you are not sure of your next billing date, give Tandi a call. Please be sure to return your rental before the next billing period begins. If you do not return pieces by the arranged time, it will be assumed the rental is continuing and you will be charged the next month’s rental fee.

What if the work is damaged, lost or stolen while I am renting? What about insurance?

If this is a concern for you, it is your responsibility to ensure coverage under your own insurance policy. It is your responsibility to cover any cost associated with damage, loss or theft of a painting under contract with you.

*This is a rare occurrence. If you are concerned about covering loss or damages, please contact your insurance company.