Kathy Hooper


My bio starts a long time ago on a farm in South Africa. It was beautiful and because it was so far away from a town my sister and I could not be sent to school. We both read from a very early age and there were always books about so that part of our ‘education’ was done, but the best part was our complete freedom each day to explore anything we wanted from building unsteady canoes to looking after sick chickens. Like all children we sucked our lives in and for me those early images and emotions became the basis for the person I have become. The sadness of the beautiful country with its harsh laws for black Africans, the separateness both of us felt from other children, the rides we took on our crazy mules, the elaborate games we played, the beauty of my mothers garden, watching the band of baboons who lived on the mountain which rose up from the bottom of our big field. All these memories have informed me and my work, I am forever grateful for them.

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