Living with Art at your place of business


Use artwork at your place of business office to create ambiance or to energize the space. Renting art is a unique way to engage your clients, reward your employees, and support your local art community by providing valuable exposure of their work.

How does it work?

Business clients are offered a rental period of up to 12 months* but must commit to a minimum three month rental period. If, at any time, you decide you would like to purchase the work you are renting, up to six months of rental fees can be applied to the purchase price.

We can select art for your office or place of business, or you may want to view the collection and make your own selection.

Art Rental is also considered a tax-deductible business expense! 

Contact Tandi for a free in-house consultation.


*length of rental is negotiable

*fees for delivery/installation determined by location and number of pieces to be installed

Please contact Tandi for me details, (506) 640-0205.