Living with Art in your Home

Spring Flock Over Ploughed Ground Oil on Canvas 36 x60 $3400.00 or $55.00



Living with Art in your home

Enjoy a variety of New Brunswick art in your home at an affordable price. If you are a homeowner intending to purchase art, you can rent work while deciding which piece to invest in. If you just moved into a new space, you can rent art to fill bare walls and create a lived-in feeling. When you plan to sell your home, artwork can increase the aesthetic appeal of your residence. Art Rental is also an inexpensive way to impress your guests or create a distinctive mood for a special event or dinner party.

You are supporting your local art community!

Most artists rely heavily on word of mouth for advertising, so when you rent, hang a piece by a local artist and then show off the painting to your friends, you are providing valuable advertising and helping out a New Brunswick artist.

How do rentals work for homeowners?

The minimum rental period is one month to a maximum of six months. This means you can try a piece of art for one month, see what it looks like in your space, and decide whether to rent it longer or return it and try something different. There is no “buyers remorse” when you rent! You can continue to rent an artwork for up to a maximum of six months. At the end of the six month period you have the option to either return the artwork or purchase it. If (at any time during the rental period) you decide to buy, the rental fees you have paid can be applied to the final purchase price. Rentals can be paid by cheque, cash or through pre-authorized monthly Visa or MasterCard payments.