Patricia Tingley


It’s a curious thing… the need to put pencil to paper, the need to create something that wasn’t there before.  Fulfilled and unfulfilled, somehow that urge has stayed with me.  It’s a gift to now have time to play with the possibilities, sometimes the overwhelming possibilities of doing just that.  Ever since my father showed me how to add shadows to a black outline of a deer, on a page in my colouring book, I’ve been drawn to the magic of creating depth on a two dimensional surface.  It did seem like magic then, and it still does, so I continue.

Patricia studied Fine Arts at Mount Allison University, then continued her studies at the New School of Art in Toronto. Her work has been exhibited at the UNB Lorenzo Art Series, Imperial Theatre, Saint John Arts Centre and the Klausen Gallery. She has illustrated two children’s books produced by UNB’s Early Childhood Centre and lives in Saint John, New Brunswick.

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