Sue Hooper

 is a multi-media artist and a mother of three children.  Born in South Africa in 1956, she
immigrated to Canada via England in 1962, A graduate of Georgian College of Art in Barrie, Ontario, the artist has worked in visual communications in London, England, Toronto and Saint John. Hooper has worked with the healing power of art and has traveled the world leaving her with a vast assortment of images and emotions relative to the diverse people and cultures.  Surrounded by the natural beauty in her home that stretches out into the marsh of the Kennebecasis River, Sue Hooper, along with her mother, Kathy, established the highly regarded Art at Hooper Studios, providing art classes, workshops and instilling a life-long learning of the arts in others.

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The Journey continues…. Sue Hooper

These works are inspired by relationships, family, friends and nature; exploring the cycles, the cells of life within the rings of life, the sun and the moon rising everyday. Love, fear, heartache, transformation, the inner and outer worlds and the spaces between, all deeply inform me.
Nature, and my daily walk beside the Kennebecasis River, are vitally important to me, connecting me with the beauty of the wildlife, the cliffs, the water and the trees.
When I find an experience in nature inspiring me, I begin a piece. It is like a meditation for me, often layers of
painting moving through emotions to come to the place to which I’m taken.
Nature is my beloved spiritual teacher. I am continually awed by her beauty and I am grateful for her constant sureness, support and wise teachings.
I feel no separation between me as a person and me as an artist.
Life is art and art is life.