“Virtual Art Placement”

I Live with Art is featuring a new way to purchase art for your home. With “Virtual Art Placement” you can see artwork in your home before making the purchase. It works like a virtual test drive. Send in an image of your interior space and a selection of artwork you are considering. The photo image of your home or office interior space will be returned with the artwork in place, giving you a visual rendition of how the artwork will look in your space. For more information on this service contact Tandi.


  1. Choose a piece (or pieces) of art from our Gallery of Artists that interest you.


  1. Indicate artist and copy information associated with the piece.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Toby Graser “Oriental Series # 18″ Acrylic on canvas 20.5″ x 56″ #000TG08 /  Andrew Giffin Alma Sunset  32″ x 84”  #000AG02
  2. Send Tandi (ilivewithart@gmail.com) this information along with several photos of the intended space, including dimensions(height x width). Please note that photos should not be over 1mgb  

   OR   Tandi's-wall-tape

  1. Tandi will add your chosen Art to your photo and send it back to you so you can have a virtual feel of living with Art.

Tandi's-wall-Toby            Tandi's-wall-Andrew